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In this training, you'll learn:

The Why

mentor sentences are a gamechanging best practice

The How

incorporate a daily routine to engage your elementary students 

The What

teach writing craft and grammar with your favorite read-alouds, too

What If You Could DOUBLE Student Progress In Writing  With A Routine That Only Takes 10-15 Minutes Per Day?

Each day, your students will work with the mentor sentence in quick spurts.

No lectures.

No workbooks.

No PowerPoints.

No fancy anchor charts or hours of prep.

Just real discussion and practical application that actually STICKS!

I know so many of you realize teaching grammar in isolation has been proven to be ineffective, but you just don’t know how else to teach it.  

It’s easier to use that workbook than to try to figure out a new way with EVERYTHING ELSE you have on your plate.  

But then… there your students sit, struggling to retain the grammar instruction and transfer your conventions, mechanics, and style lessons to their writing. And potentially the worst part of it all- they are BORED and so are you!  


Let me share a game-changing routine with you that will transform your grammar teaching into fun, engaging lessons that STICK!

What Teachers Like You Are Saying:

We’re 3 weeks into our first unit, and all I can say is WOW! The amount of growth I have seen in my students already is unbelievable. I cannot wait to see where they’re at by the end of the school year. 

Shelly P.  

These sentences rock! I was tired of the editing paragraphs and did not think they offered good engaging learning, and these work! Students are engaged and like the books! 

Kimberly F.  

This is by far the best way I’ve seen to teach kiddos word work. It is so fun and the connection to reading and writing is awesome! In a really short time, I saw a huge improvement in their sentences. 

Stephanie M.  


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